Star Wars Rebels and The Church of the Force

I think the characters from Star Wars Rebels, and the show in general, would benefit from connecting with the Church of the Force. If you’re a casual lover of Star Wars, you might not be familiar with the term The Church of the Force. Even if you’ve watched The Force Awakens twenty times, you still wouldn’t know what it is. 

This is because The Church of the Force was actually introduced in the Visual Dictionary for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is considered canon by Lucasfilm. Not much is said about the church, just that Lor San Tekka (played by Max Von Sydow in TFA) is a member. I’m sure more will be revealed about the church, but for now… let’s have some fun and speculate!

I think tying Star Wars Rebels characters in with the Church of the Force would be fascinating. I initially thought it would be cool if they even started the church, but I get a feeling that members of the church aren’t Jedi’s themselves, but believe in the Jedi way. Also, I’m not sure the timeline would fit for them to actually start the church. 
It would be awesome if Ezra, Kanan, and/or Ahsoka came across a member of the church in a future season of Rebels. I think Lucasfilm could use the church to introduce NEW characters (something we’re lacking recently) and tell an interesting story that’s not too big in scale.

 Just for the record, I didn’t entirely come up with this idea on my own. You can thank the guys over at Podcast 2187 (great podcast by the way) for expanding on my original idea through an email. You can give them a listen here!

So what do you all think? Would you like to see a connection between Star Wars Rebels and the Church of the Force? 
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