Star Wars Rebels “The Honorable Ones” Review

By Josiah Ward

CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD!  Last week Star Wars Rebels put out a great episode with “Homecoming”, and this week they follow up with a… good episode. This episode is by no means a terrible one, but I think it suffered from a short 22 minute run time.

The episode’s plot is very simple, Zeb and Agent Kallus are stranded on one of Geonosis’ moons. If you think you know how this episode will play out, you probably do. Two characters start off as enemies, get forced to work together, and become friends (or in this case, more understanding of each other). Though it was a bit predictable, it was fun to watch as it played out.  

Just a side note here- I thought the artwork was beautiful in this episode, even more than usual. Although, the creature they encounter in the cave seemed out of place, or atleast it looked odd compared to the artwork in the rest of the episode. 


Like I mentioned earlier, if this episode was stretched out to a two-parter or even a 45-minute long episode, it could have been a great episode. I liked Zeb and Kallus together, their banter was excellent. Because it wasn’t a 45 minute episode, they had to speed by plot points, and that’s where it dropped a little in quality for me. I would have liked to see them struggling more to escape, and having to rely more on each other. 

I really enjoyed the ending, and loved the implications and consequences of the episode. Like I said, the ending is really good. When Zeb gets picked up by the rest of the crew of the Ghost, we see them celebrating with him and embracing him. Then we cut to Agent Kallus, and when he makes it back to the empire, no one is there to greet him and he’s alone. We end the episode with Kallus back in his bunk, feeling very lonely. He’s obviously rethinking his loyalty to the Empire, and maybe even thinking about joining the Rebels in the future. I like the implication of Kallus turning good, or even sacrificing himself for them in an upcoming episode. 

This episode is a good one. If they could have made it a bit longer and less predictable, I would give it a higher score.

I give it a 7.5/10

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