Will Star Wars Episode 8 Have a Time Jump?

By Josiah Ward

Last week, Lucasfilm released an announcement video (Click here for that) that sent Star Wars fans into a frenzy. It wasn’t much, but it got us all excited for Episode 8. The “teaser” was basically the last moments of The Force Awakens, but from a different angle with some cool music in the background. It then cut to Rian Johnson (upcoming director of Star Wars: Episode 8) saying to the crew, “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Episode 8”.

Once the video had been out a couple days, it seemed like everyone online came to the conclusion that this would be the first scene of Episode 8, or atleast that there would be no time jump in-between Episode 7 & 8. I don’t believe that is true at all, and here’s why.

I just started listening to a great Star Wars podcast called Steele Wars, and on the most recent episode (Episode 77- click here to listen), the host Steele Saunders interviews Julian Smirke (Assosiate Editor of The Force Awakens). It’s an amazing behind the scenes interview, so go check it out. At 1hour and 39 minutes into the podcast, Julian Says this about the last scene in TFA:

“There was discussion about not having the helicopter shot, of having a shorter version that was just on Luke’s face at the end. And I actually preferred  the Luke’s face at the end version, but it didn’t work with the timing of the music and the build up and everything like that.”  

To me, this quote backs up my theory that the “teaser” we saw from the announcement video is using recycled shots of TFA from an alternate take. Maybe Rian Johnson even directed the last scene of TFA, who knows?

What do you guys think, Is this new footage? Will Episode 8 start off with a time jump? Tweet us @Screenkingspod and let us know!


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