Star Wars Rebels “Homecoming” Review

By Josiah Ward

The latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Homecoming”, came out last night, and it did not disappoint. First off, If you’re a Star Wars fanatic like myself, and you’re not watching Rebels– you need to! Season 1 was fantastic, and Season 2, with double the episodes, has been pretty good so far. A lot of people have been down on Rebels recently, but this episode has even the biggest skeptics applauding.


Disclaimer: I have not watched much of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (I’m working on it), so I’m very unfamiliar with the characters from that show that show up in Rebels. For example, I didn’t know much about Rex or Ahsoka at all. Cham Syndulla is a name I’ve heard before in passing, but I’ve never seen him on screen until tonight.

The episode starts with a bang, as the Rebels are on the run while stealing some type of cargo from the Empire. They jump into hyperspace and escape, but lose some pilots on the way. They haven’t found their secret base yet, so they need somewhere to land their fighters while in space. They learn of an Imperial Light Carrier that is orbiting the planet of Ryloth.

The carrier is big enough to store numerous Rebel ships, so they plan to steal the carrier. They need help though, so they contact Cham Syndulla, Hera’s father.

When they reach Cham, it’s clear that they disagree on the outcome of the mission. Cham wants to destroy the carrier and have it fall from the sky down to Ryloth to be a symbol for his people who live there. His people, the Twi’lek’s, have been oppressed and enslaved by the Empire, and he hopes this symbol will stir an uprising amongst his people.


The Plot

This episode has a simple plot- steal (or destroy) an Imperial Light Carrier that is stationed over the planet of Ryloth. Sometimes Rebels tries to have a complicated plot in an episode that is 22 minutes long, which is very difficult to do.

The Teamwork
The first plan the Rebels come up with is to use a stolen Imperial Bomber to infiltrate the carrier. I love the way this played out, because it could have easily become cheesy and stupid. I could easily see this plan work in a live-action movie like the upcoming Rogue One.

The Backstory
Recently, we haven’t gotten satisfying backstories for our characters. This episode beautifully blends the plot of the episode, and Hera’s backstory.

I also love the little moment when Ezra and Hera are talking about how family became second priority for Hera’s father. Cham enters the room so Ezra gets up and says to Hera before he leaves, “Well there’s nothing more important to me”.

Ezra has no family anymore, his parents are dead. The closest thing he has to a family is the crew on the Ghost. I feel like this is a hint for upcoming episodes. I think the dark side is going to pull at him, and he will have to back up this claim of family being the most important thing.

The Jedi Powers

I loved the moments of Kanan force-pushing Ezra, then Ezra force-pulling Kanan to get down that hallway. I love when already existing force powers are used in a new way. Again, I haven’t seen The Clone Wars yet, so this might happen a lot, but it was new to me.

Also, We get to see Ezra use Jedi Mind Trick correctly. That was a cool little moment that had some comedy to it.


The only moment I felt didn’t work as well as the rest of the episode was when Gobi and Numa backed-up Hera’s plan after they were captured. That whole scene felt rushed, but that’s only because of the 22 minute window they have to work with. It was fine, but the rest of the episode was so great, that scene fell flat for me.

The Verdict
This is one of the best episodes of Star Wars Rebels, and there were no lightsaber duels or cameos from Darth Vader. This episode gets a 9/10 for me.

 Let us know what you thought of the episode! Tweet the show- @screenkingspod, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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