Who is the greatest fictional hero of all time?

 By Tommy Littrell

Hey guys, we just wanted to hear what you thought about a recent topic brought up on our podcast that we’re hoping to get out soon. We discussed who we thought was the greatest fictional hero of all time. We got some great answers, but in this article, I just wanted to talk about my pick. Make sure to listen to the pod to see what the other guys thought.

I chose Goku from dragon ball Z. I chose him because, to me, he exhibits every trait you want to see in the perfect hero. If you don’t know much about him, he’s an alien that came to earth as the last surviving member of a warrior race known as the Saiyans.

Goku at heart, is a fun-loving, positive person who has a true love for battle and life in general. Don’t let his easy demeanor fool you though, he’s always ready to take on the next foe that arises.

 He’s not invincible like the man of steel or a tech genius like Iron Man, he does have his limits. It’s the never-ending well of will power he possesses. He always pushes his limits above and beyond what he should be able to in order to take down his next enemy. Using his skills as a martial arts genius and the support of his friends and family, he’s able to bring down some of the most powerful and and menacing villains in the cosmos.

I would have to say Goku’s greatest traits, traits I think should be prominent in any hero, is his selflessness and humbleness. This is a man who has saved the world on multiple occasions but still lives in the woods in a small home with not much money. Many times when he has saved the world, someone else gets the credit. Most people, myself included, would feel very bitter about this. In this case, Goku never even shows any signs that it bothers him at all, and I think if questioned about it, he would seem more confused by the question than anything else. He does what he does because it’s the right thing to do, not for the granger and movie deals. To build on my “selflessness” point, when Goku and Cell engaged in their final battle that ended [SPOILER] with both of their deaths, Goku communicated to his friends that he didn’t want to be brought back to life with the dragon balls, because he felt that it was he who attracted most of their enemies in the first place. That is something that can be said about many great fictional heroes. So you have this guy who isn’t even from this planet, owes this planet and all of its people nothing, gives his life for it, then when given the chance to come back, refuses to in order to protect its’ people. He was separated from his friends and family to save a planet where almost no one even knows his name. He is the very definition of selflessness.

 We all know a great story must go on, so when the earth was in peril, he returned from the spirit world to protect it once more. He loves the sport of fighting but the mere thought of killing, even an insect, disgusts him. Even when a battalion of soldiers were killed by Cell, Goku traveled across the universe to find a way to bring them back, something that most heroes would have excepted as reasonable losses.

Goku embodies everything it means to be a true hero, but that is just my opinion. I imagine for many it can mean something completely different. Say Lobo is your pick, it’s all about being a complete bad ass. If it is superman, it’s about being patriotic and omnipresent. The great thing about being a fanboy is discovering what you think a true hero should be. For more great geek and movie talk, listen to the screen kings podcast coming soon. Hit us up on our Twitter page and tell us who you think is the greatest fictional hero of all time and why.

Thanks for reading!


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