The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Review


By Seth Bernard

The phenomenon known as The Walking Dead has been trending in the wrong direction since Season 3, at least in this viewers eyes. I can only watch so many dialogue littered episodes with near death after near death. The interest started to peak again through the first half of the season and I’m excited to say, this episode set up for a great looking second half.



This episode is all about the fallout in Alexandria as the rotting corpses surround the survivors. For me, TWD is all about the shock moments and they don’t come often enough. But this episode delivers just about everywhere imaginable.

With as many storylines and character development as there is, it’s impossible to give every character enough screen time week in and week out. This particular episode, we only catch a glimpse of Darryl, Sasha, and Abraham but their presence is certainly felt.  The group is seemingly headed back home to Alexandria but is met with a biker gang speaking of a man named Negan. We all see where this is going. The gang strips our group of their weapons and is about to kill Sasha and Abraham when BOOM! Of course Darryl manages to take out one of them and blast the rest with the rocket launcher conviently loaded in the back of the truck.

Back in Alexandria, we pick up where we left off with the group of survivors covered in blood and entrails trying to make their way through the wave of walkers to safety. Jessie tells Sam to go with Father Gabriel to the church but of course, he decides to be brave and continue on.


This scene might have been my favorite one of the entire series and I mean that. Who could’ve foreseen what was about to unfold? Of course Sam starts to cry as he backs into a group of walkers. Of course! If there was anyone, and I mean anyone, who was upset by this or saddened, I would be shocked. (Think a more annoying Season 2 Carl and you have Sam). But in traditional Walking Dead fashion, we couldn’t have this moment. Jessie reacts as any mother would to seeing her son being eaten alive, which leads to her death as well. If Laurie and Jessie are any indication, Rick will get you killed ladies.

As shocking as those two deaths were, the real moment that stole the show was Ron, freshly seeing his mother and brother torn apart, grabs Ricks gun. Naturally, the only way to resolve this situation is to kill the other people around you, right? Right! But luckily, Michone is there to impale him with her trusty sword to save the day. Right? Wrong! The camera pans to Carl as he lets out a faint, “Dad…” Before collapsing to the ground with a fresh gunshot wound where his eye is supposed to be! (Yes comic fans, you already knew. Congratulations.) The show ends with a big brawl in the streets between the survivors and the walkers as they eventually slay the horde with a little help of the Lake fire (Thank you Darryl)



I’m hopeful this episode can return The Walking Dead to its past glory and can continue on the upward trend. I’m interested to see where the group heads from here or if they decide to rebuild the walls of Alexandria. For me personally, every show needs an eye patch character. Maybe Carl can fill the shoes of the Governor? Okay, probably not.


  • Signature Deaths
  • Eye patch Carl
  • Killer Morgan


  • Another Glen death tease
  • General predictability
  • Wolve abrudbt end


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