Star Wars Episode 8 Speculation

By Josiah Ward

Before The Force Awakens even had a teaser trailer released, people were already speculating about it. Now that The Force Awakens has been released, let’s do more speculating!

Remember that really anything could happen, and at this point, we don’t know much about Episode 8. These are just some general ideas to get a discussion started.

Rey & Luke

Where could the story go for Luke and Rey in episode 8? Here’s some (obvious) ideas:

  • Luke is currently training Rey
  • Luke has already trained Rey
  • Luke refuses to train Rey, they talk, and he trains Rey

This really depends on if they want to jump ahead, or pick up right where The Force Awakens left off.

What about the end of the movie after all the training? What could happen? I’ve also weaved in Kylo and Snoke’s speculation in this section. Check it out:

  • Luke and Rey fight the Knights of Ren
  • Luke fights Snoke while Rey battles Kylo
  • Luke battles Kylo & Snoke
  • Rey gets seduced by the Dark Side, and eventually turns evil (this could be a long-term thing, turning evil in Ep. 9)
  • Kylo is sent by Snoke to kill Rey and Luke, but eventually turns to the light side

Those are just some random ideas, but the story could go anywhere for Rey and Luke at this point.

Where could Finns story go? We’ve heard rumors of John Boyega training for Episode 8, even some sword training. Could he wield another lightsaber? I just don’t see it happening in Episode 8, but anything could happen at this point.

  • Finn follows Rey once he’s healed, and tries to get Luke to train him too
  • Finn leads special missions to sway and help rescue other Stormtroopers who want to leave the First Order but can’t
  • Finn leads the Resistance Fighters on the ground like Poe leads from the sky. Maybe Finn can help train the Resistance fighters like he was trained as a stormtrooper.

I really like the last idea, since we didn’t see much ground troops in TFA. Also, Captain Phasma could show up on the battlefield and finally be useful.

The Resistance (Leia)

  • Leia gets her hands on a Super Weapon and struggles with the morality of using it, even if it is for good.
  • Leia focuses on politics, trying to expose the First Order and turn others to her cause. Growing The Resistance is needed if they want to destroy The First Order.
  • Leia leads the Resistance, not doing much else.

I really like the first idea. Before TFA was released, there were rumors of a Super Weapon used by the Resistance, (see link below) so this could actually happen in Episode 8. Leia knows more than anyone what these Super Weapons can do in the wrong hands.

Leia’s Rumored Super Weapon (via

What do you think will happen in Episode 8? Pitch your idea below and start a discussion!



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