Star Wars Episode 8 Predictions!

By Josiah Ward @Josiah4311 on Twitter

Earlier today I talked about some of my Episode 8 story speculations, today I’m going to be talking about my Episode 8 predictions! Check out my predictions and tell me what your predictions are!

Here we go!

Yoda, Obi-Wan, AND Anakin will appear as force ghosts

At one point while making The Force Awakens, they wanted to put Yoda in the final scene. Of course that idea got scrapped, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Yoda as a force ghost. Ewan Mcgregor, the actor who played Obi-Wan in the prequels, had a line in The Force Awakens during the flashback scene with Rey. He says, “These are your first steps”. Seeing as he came in for one day to do a single line, I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought him back as a force ghost as well. Anakin (Hayden Christensen) had been rumored to be in The Force Awakens at one point, and even Episode 8. With Rian Johnson directing him, I think he can be a strong actor in this small role as well.

There will be a super-weapon used by the resistance.‌ 

I hear what you’re saying already, “No! We don’t want another Death Star!”. I get it, but hear me out. If you go back a while before TFA came out, it was heavily rumored by that the resistance would have some sort of super-weapon of their own, one that could take down star destroyers without a problem. I think this would be a great plot device to show Leia struggling with the morality of using such a weapon, even if it’s for good.

Click here for the rumor about Leia’s super weapon

Kylo will have new equipment

I think this is the most obvious prediction for me, but a lot of people disagree. Many people say that Kylo will keep his mask and Lightsaber because of marketing and toys, but I don’t think so. He’s going off with Snoke to train, and I think part of that training will be building his own (stable) lightsaber. Also, if you watch the movie again, he leaves his mask on the bridge after he kills Han. I doubt he has another one just laying around. He will most definitely get a new mask, and a new lightsaber.

Benicio Del Toro will be playing a Knight of Ren

Benicio has been officially cast for Episode 8. He is fantastic at being bad. The most recent movie I’ve seen him in was Sicario and he was amazing. I think he could kill it as a Knight of Ren. If you look at the one shot of the Knights of Ren, only Kylo seems to be holding a lightsaber. I also don’t think Benicio will wield a lightsaber.

There will be flashbacks in the movie 
Lawrence Kasdan, co-writer of TFA, said Episode 8’s script was “Some weird thing”. Rian Johnson is a great director and writer, and I think he’s going to include some flashbacks. JJ Abrams kind of put a flashback sequence in TFA, but I think Johnson will go bigger and better with the flashbacks.

Luke will be Rey’s father
This may actually be the most obvious prediction, but who knows at this point? I think Luke is the most obvious and easiest answer to the question of Rey’s parentage. I recently posted a theory about how Ezra Bridger could be Rey’s father, (Click Here for that theory) but like I said in the article- I don’t believe he is.

Those are my six Episode 8 Predictions, let me know some of your outlandish or obvious predictions in the comments! 


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