The Case For Ezra as Rey’s Father 

By: Josiah Ward

I’ve often heard people discuss Star Wars Rebels‌ and how the show has to end with the crew dying (or atleast Kanan and Ezra), because they are Jedi. Today I’m going to explain how Disney could get around killing Ezra, and even keep him alive during the events of the original trilogy and beyond. Yes, we’ll get into my theory about Ezra being Rey’s father, if that’s all you came for, you can skip down below for that section. To be clear, I don’t think they should do what I’m going to explain, but Im going to show that it is possible

I hear what you’re saying already, “But what about when Obi-wan says ‘That boy is our last hope’ about Luke, or when Yoda says ‘The Last of the Jedi you will be'”? How could Ezra even be alive during the original trilogy? Calm down, we’ll get into that, just stick with me.

At the moment of this post (February 2016) we have not actually seen Yoda in Star Wars Rebels. But if you have been keeping up with the show, you know that Ezra has interacted with Yoda in season 1, and will again in season 2 (based on the trailer). Another thing here to point out is that we have not seen Ezra interact with Obi-Wan in any way, he probably doesn’t even know that name.

Let’s dive into that first quote from Obi-Wan. In The Empire Strikes Back, Obi-Wan says to Yoda, “That boy is our last hope” and Yoda responds, “No, there is another”. Nowadays nearly every person thinks that Yoda is talking about Leia in this scene, but I disagree. Let’s get a little nerdy now… Why would Yoda have to tell Obi-Wan that “There is another”, if he is indeed talking about Leia. Obi-Wan was there when the twins were born! He knows Leia exists and probably has the force. BUT who does Yoda know that Obi-Wan doesn’t? EZRA!

Now for the second quote, which gets a little tricky. So Yoda says to Luke in Return of the Jedi, “The last of the Jedi you will be”. What Yoda isn’t saying here is, “the last person with the force you will be”. Ahsoka (from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) isn’t a Jedi anymore when we catch up with her in Star Wars Rebels, but she uses the force, lightsabers, and leans heavily on the “good side”.  So why can’t Ezra do the same thing without being a “Jedi”.  He wouldn’t have to be a Jedi to use the force or even his lightsaber. What if he walked away from being a Jedi because of… a tragedy (we’ll get to that later). Also I just want to add that at this point, on his deathbed, Yoda could be bending the truth to motivate Luke, kind of like Obi-Wan did in A New Hope.

So why would Disney keep Ezra alive, even beyond Return of the Jedi? Well, they’ve got a parentage problem with Rey, and this could help solve that problem. Wait! Don’t go! Hear me out on this one.


The Theory: Ezra could be Rey’s father

Everyone leaving The Force Awakens are all asking the same question, who the heck are Rey’s parents? The biggest theory is that she is Luke’s daughter. Now, I’m not gong to knock down other theories, (mainly because anything is possible at this point) but instead I will present a new one: Ezra could be Rey’s father

Let me emphasize this before moving on, I don’t think this is true, I’m just presenting a possibility. I’m tired of people calling me stupid for this theory. 

So, Ezra and Luke were born on what is called “Empire Day”, which is the day that Order 66 happened in Revenge of the Sith.  This means, obviously, Luke and Ezra are the same age. I say this because I’ve seen some crazy fan theories that never match up with ages of characters and the timeline. 

We see in The Force Awakens that Rey is very strong in the force, very independent, and even struggles for a moment with the dark side (if the novelization is indeed canon). These are three huge attributes associated with Ezra in Star Wars Rebels.‌

So if Ezra is in fact Rey’s father, where is he at?? Dead. Yes you heard me right- dead. Now this part of my “theory” is where you can kind of make up your own story that would fit in with the events of The Force Awakens.‌ But, I thought logically that Disney probably wouldn’t want to bring a character from animation to the big screen and confuse the crap out of the audience. This could be a moment in Episode 8 where Luke name-drops Ezra and only fans of Star Wars Rebels‌ would understand exactly who he was. To the average movie-goer, it’s just a name of a Jedi, a friend of Luke’s perhaps. Luke could have several lines of dialogue that went something like this (remember, I’m not a script writer, so take it easy on me).

“Your father was a Jedi a long time ago, he actually helped start the rebellion before I joined. He stepped away from the Jedi order after a tragic loss of a good friend, his master Kanan (insert the crew of the Ghost if you want here, doesn’t matter). When your father heard about how a Jedi had helped defeat the Empire, he was reminded of his past and decided to seek me out. We became good friends, and he brought you to my (insert Lukes training place, a temple- or whatever) and I started your training at a young age. When the Knights of Ren attacked, your father fought to protect you, and (Luke or whoever) helped hide you away and wiped your mind to keep you safe.”

Okay, you get the gist.. Again I’m not a good writer, so the dialogue wouldn’t be anything like the paragraph above, I just wanted to give you an example.

Now, I know there’s so many questions you could be asking at this moment.. Questions like:

-Who did Ezra marry?”

-Who dropped off Rey?”

-What was Ezra doing all those years?

-Is Rey’s mother dead?

-How would Star Wars Rebels end?
I’m not here to try and answer all of the possible questions my theory presents, I’m just presenting my theory. You can try and come up with answers if you’d like, be my guest.

So what do you think? Could Ezra be Rey’s father? Is Luke Rey’s father? Comment below and start a discussion! Remember, no one really knows at this point. Thanks guys!

-Josiah Ward
@josiah4311 on Twitter


12 thoughts on “The Case For Ezra as Rey’s Father 

  1. First of all, great article. I could see the possible connection with Ezra. The thing that I need to know is when did Lucas write the backstory (prequels)? If he was just constantly morphing the world as he went along, I guess it’s all up for grabs. Going into Episode V, did they write it knowing that Luke and Leia were siblings? When Yoda says “No, there is another”, is he referring to another “person” or another “hope”? The redo of canon doesn’t really affect Episodes I thru VI………in theory. However, if they’re retconning………everything’s up for grabs!


  2. I would really love if Ezra turns to the Dark side with maul as his temporary master then we can see him in episode 8 as a villain aiding Kylo Ren. As we know Snoke has had many apprentices before kylo and if ezra was one of them this would be pretty great. I say this because it gives Rey a similar challenge that Luke overcame with Vader, I don’t know I think that would be awesome.

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  3. Ezra could definitely be Rey’s father. Her mother could be Sabine, who could possibly be the daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi. Then this theory would fit with the one where Rey is Obi Wan’s granddaughter.


  4. kylo dropped rey on jakku. in her vision, she watches the shuttle leave jakku and fade into the sun. but the sun turn into the shape of the front of kylo’s command shuttle. biggest clue that i have not seen anyone mention at all.


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